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Water Quality

 We have partnered with MIOX and the State of New Mexico Water Quality Management and Safety  Program to provide the community with safe drinking water.

 The Open Meetings Act requires proper notification for all agenda items in the meeting. So, while
 all comments are important to the Board, in order for the Board to discuss or act on these items, 
 they must be on the agenda and published for public notification at least  seventy-two (72) hours
 before the meeting.   Contact BIG MESA Office at 575.868.4550 to get your Item on the Agenda.

Please join us at our monthly Board Of Directors meeting at the water company at 9:00am. 

Agenda for 10/12/2019       Draft Minutes for 9/14/2019         RAIL for 9/09/2017

  BIG MESA Office     575.868.4550                Fax  575.868.2360  
 Business Manager   575.403.4805  

EMAIL:  Bigmesa@plateautel.net                                    Big Mesa MDWCA

EMERGENCY/on-call    575.329.2610                   2016 tax return  
​                                     or      575.403.4525

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