About Us

Our History

Our history in the water treatment and waste management industry, as well as our contributions to our local communities here in San Miguel County, New Mexico are as vast as they are storied. From organizing meetings to discuss water treatment options to advocating for additional funding towards water potability education and waste management solutions, our company has been at the vanguard of innovation and support for our communities and most importantly, its families, neighbors, and inhabitants.

Many of the members of our committee are locals so have more than a political or monetary investment in seeing our communities readily supplied with pure, drinkable water as well as reliable and safe waste management options. We are dedicated to upholding the core values and "community-first" principles that we were founded on, over 70 years ago. We strongly encourage all residents and locals to support our ongoing efforts for a cleaner, better future - which starts with cleaner water and better waste management solutions!

Our Mission

The Big Mesa MDWCA mission is to efficiently provide potable water to every member in good standing, without interruption, which meets or exceeds appropriate regulations, in an enthusiastic and professionally managed manner, while taking a proactive approach to vulnerabilities to ensure the continuation of water service in the future and shielding the association from liability.

If any additional inquiries regarding our Water or Waste Management Services arise or if you would like to speak with one of our staff members directly:
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