A Bigger Future With Big Mesa MDWCA!

We look forward to seventy MORE years of providing our locals and neighbors with free-flowing water that is clean, pure, and ready to drink! What's more, is we've taken that same staunch and dedicated approach towards our water treatment services and applied them towards ensuring our communities are trash and waste-free!

For nearly 3/4 of a century, we've been the local go-to for water treatment and waste management options for our communities here in San Miguel County, New Mexico. Firm in the belief that education, prevention, and proper preparation are instrumental in achieving a happy and healthy community, we here at Big Mesa MDWCA have been here as long as the most storied residents and we will remain so for however long is necessary.

Transfer Station Services

7380 NM Highway 104, Conchas Dam, NM 88416

(575) 868-0033

Summer Hours of Operation: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Winter Hours of Operation: 8:30am - 1:30pm


Household Trash

We provide disposal of household trash for our local residents. ALL household trash MUST be bagged. If you are in an area where water service is unavailable to you, (for a small monthly fee) we can allow household trash services.

Items NOT Allowed In Compactor

No Metal
No Furniture
No Construction or Demolition Items

(Unprocessed wood, foliage, or yard waste can be processed via the burn pile for an additional small fee.)

Roll-Off Household Goods

Having a roll-off service is a convenience for us so regrettably we do NOT allow for truck load or trailer pricing.
(We are charged by weight to dispose of this unit and for this reason, each item will be priced for individual disposal.)

Allowed Materials For Disposal


Materials Disallowed For Disposal

Cinder Blocks

(Most construction & demolition debris is permitted for disposal.)

Station Pricing

Various Disposables

These are items such as furniture, mattresses, chairs, desks, T.V.’s, microwave, vacuums, miscellaneous small items that do not belong to the metal pile, the compactor or the woodpile.

Twin Mattress / Box Spring

Full Mattress / Box Spring

Queen/King Mattress & Box Spring


Couch w/ Hide a Bed

Love Seat

Love Seat w/ Hide a Bed


Stuffed Chair


Desks, Tables, Bookcase

Microwave, Computer


Miscellaneous small items




$10 - $40

$20 - $60

$10 - $30

$15 - $45

$10 - $30

$5 - $30

$5 - $20

$5 - $20

$5 - $10

$5 - $10

$5 - $10

White Goods

These particular items are sorted into our metal pile and are items such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, swamp coolers, furnaces, BBQ grills, metal TV/satellite dishes.




Swamp Cooler


BBQ Grill

Metal TV Dish

Tin Sheets

$10 - $30

$10 - $30

$5 - $20

$10 - $30

$10 - $30

$5 - $20

$5 - $20

$2 - $10


* Attention Local Residents *

All prices are subject to change as necessity dictates. If you have questions regarding disposal pricing or have additional concerns regarding disposal options & permittable items, please feel free to reach out to our station operators by clicking here!

If any additional inquiries regarding our Water or Waste Management Services arise or if you would like to speak with one of our staff members directly:
Click below to fill out our Online Request Form.

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