Our Mission At Big Mesa MDWCA

The Big Mesa MDWCA mission is to efficiently provide potable water to every member in good standing, without interruption, which meets or exceeds appropriate regulations, in an enthusiastic and professionally managed manner while taking a proactive approach to vulnerabilities to ensure the continuation of water service in the future and shielding the association from liability.

Water Treatment

Water purification and filtration is paramount for our local residents.

Waste Management

A cleaner world begins and ends with proper waste management and disposal.

Customer Service

We are invested in not only providing cleaner water but also a cleaner future!

Did You Know?

A pure, reliable source of drinking water was the basis of the dawning of civilization - thousands of years ago, populations began preserving water as a means to supply not only themselves and their families but their crops and livestock as well!

Cleaner Water Means A Cleaner Future

Taking into account the importance of having purified, drinkable water; it's in every residents' best interest to take an active involvement in raising awareness pertaining to the dangers of consuming and/or utilizing a tainted water supply. We've been spreading the word, furthering education, and incorporated safe and renewable practices to protect our community's future for over seventy years!

Our Mission Towards Helping Our Communities

As a means to ensure the future of our cherished citizens and residents here in New Mexico, our staff and representatives work tirelessly to incorporate safety measures, training, and legislation that protects one of the most valuable commodities to date: your water. Furthermore, our association has become actively involved with our local communities regarding trash and waste management in both residential/household and non-residential/household capacities. Our desired goal is to provide our members with a valuable local resource that promotes economical trash/waste disposal and education.


Water Quality ~ Waste Management ~ Environmental Awareness

If any additional inquiries regarding our Water or Waste Management Services arise or if you would like to speak with one of our staff members directly:
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