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To best serve our customers, we strive each and every day to keep current information on-hand and readily available. We post informative newsletters at the turn of every season (spring, summer, fall, winter).

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund

Big Mesa customers who are facing a financial hardship can receive a grant to help pay for part of or all of their past due water bill. It is a community service program created to receive voluntary contributions from our Big Mesa members. The customer must be facing hardship due to an emergency or unforeseen drop in income that has occurred within the last six months and must be a permanent and not a seasonal resident. This fund is administered by a committee made up of two American Legion Auxiliary members and three Big Mesa members that are in good standing. The American Legion Auxiliary will issue the grant once all committee members are in agreement of the customer in need.

Water Line Identification
Call Before You Dig

In order to ensure all digging projects within our service areas progress smoothly and without incident, we've submitted an application with the State of New Mexico to incorporate a much-needed program in "8-11 ~ Call Before You Dig". This allows one of our licensed staff to identify any of our water lines and assist with our Member's excavation operation. Be sure to reach out to us via email by phone, or you can contact them directly by calling 811

New Members Information

Big Mesa MDWCA
P. O. Box 40 Conchas Dam, NM 88416
Ph. 575.868.4550
Fax. 575.868.2360

Information for New Residential Members

To all new members,

Upon receipt of PASSED septic inspection (undeveloped lots), proof of ownership documentation, and completed application for service, the fee schedule is as follows: The Hook-up fee for a new service, for undeveloped properties, is $1,000.00. The transfer of ACTIVE Service is $100.00. You must be a member to receive service and the Membership Fee is $100.00. Once you have had the water turned on, or transferred, you will receive a bill every month. If you choose to have the water shut off, and at a later date want the water to be turned back on, the cost will be $150.00 plus all back charges since the water was turned off or $1,000.00, whichever is less. This is according to the rules and regulations of Big Mesa MDWCA.


Downloadable Forms

For the convenience of our customers, our applications and service forms are freely available for download. Please click on each application to begin completion.

Bill Charges and Information

The monthly minimum for water at this time is $45.00 for 0 to 5,000 gallons, and $10.00 for Trash, each to include tax. The bills are sent out at the first of each month and due by close of business on the 25th of each month. If you do not receive a bill by the 10th, please contact the office so that we can assist you.

To Address Delinquencies

A member will be charged a $5.00 Late Fee if the bill is not paid by the 25th of the month and will continue monthly until the balance is paid in full. If the bill remains unpaid for 60 days, a 10-day shut off notice will be sent certified mail. If the bill remains unpaid for seventy (70) days, the water meter will be locked until the outstanding balance is paid in full along with a reconnect fee of $150.00. If the balance remains unpaid for additional 30 days the meter will be removed until payment of all past delinquencies plus all applicable taxes, and a meter replacement fee of $750.00, are all Paid in Full. It is up to the Member to ensure the bill payment is received by the Big Mesa MDWCA office. Unreceived mail or unreturned Certified cards will not excuse non-payment and Accounts will be billed/shut-off according to Big Mesa MDWCA Rules and Regulations, Topic No. 4

Bill Data

Please check the bill when it is received to ensure the information and charges are correct. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the office as soon as possible so that it can be addressed and corrected if necessary.

If any additional inquiries regarding our Water or Waste Management Services arise or if you would like to speak with one of our staff members directly:
Click below to fill out our Online Request Form.

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